Corrupt system

Corrupt Universities

Let me share my experience and observations.

Corrupt mean broken, malfunctioning and often they are that way due to ill intentions of management and politics. Monetary gains are often also involved.

Here I want to say that I as most people thought that universities are the institutions helping the nation to discover the truth, to educate citizens in truth and to lead through an example. Everything nobel should find it’s place at universities. What I discovered that universities have less and less in common with truth, with objectivity, with serving the nation but more to do with aggression, with corruption, waste of public money, nonsense and anti-social practices.

I’ve discovered that all that is possible due to corrupt government which allow and protect universities which are uncontrollable and one may say beyond the law.

A few years from now I’ve made an interview with a senior lecturer at Adelaide Uni. Came to the reception desk and was led to the office of the staff in concern. He asked me about my name (did not know with whom he is having an interview???) and then if I am a student of this uni. When he heard that I am not a student, he immediately exploded and started to abuse me, shouting that I am a liar and picked a phone to call security saying loudly what he is doing. I simply and calmly asked him: what are you doing and why?

He stood frozen for a moment and dropped receiver and started to justify himself. His justification was uncomprehensible and he shouted and waved his arms near me. I assessed that he is irrational and likely mentally deranged and may hurt me, so I without a word turned on my heal and started to walk out. I turned to a general reception to complain on his abuse and also to inform that he is mentally deranged. He caught me in the reception and started to shout loudly humiliating me and expelling me out. I immediately entered the security office on campus and reported to the senior security officer. The officer despite promise was not interested in the abuse but in who I am and recorded whole interview on video tape. He promised to investigate thoroughly and let me know on result. I made it clear that I want an apology and sorting out with mental state of the offending staff.

Number of weeks passed and nobody contacted me. When I enquired the security, the very senior staff who interviewed me, told me that the case is closed and the tape disappeared.

I contacted the vice chancellor with complaint but she replied that there was nothing wrong done by any of her staff and that she dismiss the case.

I contacted police but they refused to take a report of abuse and insult because university is under special privilege of the parliament. The Minister Jane Lomax Smith also ignored everything.

Let me conclude. Adelaide Uni, employ the mentally unstable staff which is aggressive. Uni denies natural justice and acts in most unprofessional manner. The uni security is ordered to support this corruption rather than to be objective and seek the peace and order. I mean if lecturer offend, abuse or otherwise attack the student it is ok.  The SA government clearly sets the system to be corrupt and universities to be beyond the law.  Well now I have right to declare that Adelaide Uni is a place of aggression, mental derangement, injustice and corruption.

Mike Rann also support the above.

A few months ago in my quest for improving road safety, I found that Adelaide University has a Road Safety Research unit and also I found that it is corrupt. I tried to contact the head of the unit but she was very unapproachable and unwilling to cooperate. Namely I found that the published papers contain gossip in place of specific results of study. I wanted to inform the management that this looks like wasting of public money and hence corruption because their waste of money does not contribute to road safety.

Assuming that such a study would be complex and expensive I actually devised and conducted my own study and produced accurate results. I offered my results and method for free to the uni but they refused to acknowledge and turned ugly. Complaining to ever higher management, finally I’ve received a response from the vice chancellor accusing me of things I’ve not done. The previous his letter was prommising that he will conduct a proper investigation according to a natural justice. He used a fabrication and closed the matter without any means to reply.

I have to clearly state that the secretary of the second in ranking manager have acted in similarly irrational manner as above described. When she saw me in a corridor heading towards her counter she shouted to me that I have to leave this room immediately or she call the security.  Let me explain that I was just walking and intended to ask her of something. She did not greeted me, nor asked of the reason of my visit but instead simply tried to intimidate me.  Later they have accused me of misbehavior.

Now let me conclude this incident.  My issue was an allegation that university engage in wide spread corruption.  Management have done everything not to see me. They have tried and did offended and abused me. They lied and fabricated story about my misbehaviour. They abuse their power.  The vice chancellor lies and refuse the natural justice and cuts our unilaterally any way of communication.

Overall, it does definitely mean that they are aware of the corruption and they want to cover it up.  Government is also supporting this corruption and aggression. Well in this case the matter initially was a public safety on the roads. The whole story indicate that government is determined not to improve road safety on our roads.

The Australasian College of Road Safety is anything but professional. The chief officer in charge of the college have refused to publish  my research results and method justifying that Adelaide Uni have done such research. It is not true. The very researcher he pointed to have admitted to me personally that nobody in Australia have done such research. When I contacted the college officer, he refused to acknowledge his fault and refused to publish my research. So The college lives in fantasy world and refuse to publish facts.

Similarly act the road safety section of the Monash University. They tell me that they are very serious on road safety, but no one is able, willing, interested or even capable to take my research or to cooperate in any way to improve road safety. All lies and corruption. Why corruption? They are busy consuming public money and produce nothing constructive for society in terms of road safety and at this same time allowing our roads to remain dangerous.

The likely explanation for all that is somewhat complex and in simplest terms it could be explained by the general corruption of the government. As is known that real and true scientific research that is truth finding have gone a long time ago and now the” truth” is determined by the sponsors of the study.  When government sponsors the road safety section, one expects that the “truth” falls in line with government policy. Why possibly government is determined not to improve road safety is beyond the scope of this page.

Therefore the meaning of “scientific” have lost it’s magic. Today any government quotation that something has scientific backup is meaningless and increasingly mean the opposite is true.

Australian Universities and colleges are supporting violence and aggression and refuse to take steps to ensure safety and peace. They are very unprofessional and corrupt!


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  3. “Man was born free, and he is everywhere in chains.” (Rousseau)

    Do a background check on fbi/police assassins and serial killers (via my sites); then be less concerned about the run of the mill murderer.

    College campuses across the nation are in fascist/police lockdown under the influence of fbi assassins, as evidenced by gross violations of human, civil, and constitutional rights of our citizens.See my documentations:

    The fbi, military intelligence at CSUN (James Wolf), police, UT chancellor, UT legal counsel all team up to create a fraudulent police report with patently false contents in order to find a way to illegally arrest this fbi whistleblower. See this and related links:

    QUESTIONS! geral sosbee (956)536-0439 One agency of government above all others must be destroyed: the federal burro of investigation (fbi).

    Feinstein is one of the most treacherous traitors in congress:

    BTW: In the early years of the fbi Hoover discovered that his agents were generally not quite capable (for a number of reasons) to deal with the murderers and psychopaths of organized crime in the United States; so, Hoover and his associates set out to correct this inadequacy in a calculated and systematic manner: his agents when deemed appropriate would (by training and mind programming) become themselves homicidal sociopaths. His plan worked so well that in today’s fbi, one cannot always determine which agents (and operatives) are cold blooded murderers and torturers.For example: People who knew H. Paul Rico (ex-fbi agent)”… recall him as a cop who dressed and talked like a gangster. Only much later would it become clear that it was not an act.” Hitman, Howie Carr, Tom Doherty Associates,LLC,175 Fifth Avenue, New York,NY 10010,2011, p.63.

    Also see:

    Re: Insider Trades:

    Human Experimentation:

    Comment by gsosbeel — November 30, 2011 @ 10:01 pm | Reply

  4. I am pretty sure American Universities are corrupt, too. They get taxpayer money to abuse animals.

    Comment by erinsky89 — February 5, 2014 @ 4:46 am | Reply

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