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August 25, 2010

RAA another invitation to cooperate to improve road safety

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Reply to RAA (manager mobility & safety)        21/9/10       (no answer yet)

Good day

I am interested in number of issues (many) of road safety. I cannot say one aspect because there are many and often one is interconnected with another. I treat road safety as a whole.

Sure there must be a starting point somewhere.

My initial contact is to find out anyone truly dedicated and not biased to start the process. I am a long term serious campaigner and I have lots of knowledge and observation in the area. In my quest to improve safety I found no organisation (including RAA) truly interested in improving safety.

If and I repeat if RAA would somehow start a true campaign towards improving safety and free traffic flow, than from your perspective, you would have to find out the causes.

Since I have established number of them, I can share with you. Than there would be appropriate to find out a suggestion and pass it to government along with publishing it for public knowledge and discussion.

I will state in general terms that except a few obvious examples of very extreme dangerous drivers, the government is to take full blame.

I am aware that people say yourself may look strange at such claims. But it is not a speculation, I know it is fact and you can know only if you wish to know.

To give you something to think, please acknowledge that road rules were never created to be known by heart by all drivers.

If anyone try to argue, one has no idea about road safety. I do not expect RAA to argue it’s validity, if you are professional I expect you to recognize it as fact. I am happy to discuss specific problems within the rules and derive with suggestions of proper rules.

Without a proper rules, it cannot be even considered that government do care for safety of public.

My findings and ideas surely are a subject of scrutiny. I do run my own webpage and make my findings a subject for debate or opinion. Your cooperation or non cooperation will also be on my website. Public has right to know what is going on and what are the problems and proposed solutions.

In my opinions RAA should become a road safety campaigner and behave in professional manner regardless if government like it or not.

In the past RAA behaved in way that I call unprofessional and supporting danger on the road. I’d rather concentrate on finding solution and cooperation than condemning you for your past.

By engaging in cooperation with me and perhaps others if they are any, RAA may not only contribute to safety on the roads but also benefit directly through the teaching drivers and advising government.


Road safety campaigner


To RAA Management (open letter) 25/08/10

As a long term road safety campaigner I’ve tried number of times to persuade your road safety officers to cooperate and to lobby the government for a safety rules and practices. I have also wrote to RAA asking for cooperation. Every time you have refused stating that you do support the government. It seems that you as RAA have insufficient understanding of road safety therefore you support the dangerous practices and rules of the government.

Once again I do invite you to join efforts and demand government to improve in radical way the rules and practices for the benefit of the society.

I see that if you agree, that we exchange the opinions of what is wrong and then try together find out best solution.

Present situation is extremely dangerous and unacceptable. I hope RAA is capable to find professionals who do understand those issues and is willing to take action to request government to improve number of key aspects of road and traffic management.

Please acknowledge that this message will appear on internet available for public to read.

Road safety campaigner



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